Earth Materials-Babinchak 005.jpg
On January 14, 2014, we observed mock rocks. They were bumpy, they smelled like painted clay, they were pretty small, they were pretty light, they both weighed 30 grams, athey did not have many edges, and they had little red and green specks inside of them... I think they were minerals.
January 30,2014.. We observed minerals. This was mineral #4 /4. It is green, smooth, kind of see through...I think it was an emrald!

January 27, 2014... we pored the water from our viles, and put it in an evaporating dishes. we waited a few days and this is what we had salt!

after we broke the rocks apart and seperated them, we put the white parts of the rocks in the viles. we filled the viles up to one third of the viles. we filled the rest with water. then we shook the viles.after we shook it it looked all gray, cloudy, and it was very, very, merky!