Earth Materials-Babinchak 003.jpg
on January 14 we observed are mock rocks. The rocks texture was bumpy and smoooth. the colors of the rock was gray with red and green spots all over. The shape of the rock was circular. The edge of the rock was curved and a little straight. The of the rock was 12 in the diamiter. The rock weighed 35 grams and the rock smelled like dry clay.

on January 16 we observed are viles. The color of the vile was clear water and gray clay and the smell of the vile smelled like wet clay and a little bit of swamp.

On January 23 we observed a mineral rock.The texture of the mineral was rough and bumpy.The colors of the mineral were Green and White.The shape of the mineral was a little circle/cube.The edges of the mineral were a lot curved.The smell of the mineral smelled like baby barf.