Earth Materials-Babinchak 003.jpg
I'm Ella and on Jan. 14th we received mock rocks. There diameter is around 10 cm, there circumference is around 12 cm, and the depht is 2 cm. There were green and red and white spots. They are very lumpy. And they sparkle! There called the mock rocks.

Jan. 17th, 2014- We put only the white stuff in the vile and then we filled it with water. Then we shook it. We let it settle overnight. Now it settled into zones. The top part, then the water, then the kind of pouder sand, and last but not least, the dark sand looking stuff.

January 27th 2014- We put only the water in the evaperating dish. Then we let it sit out for a few of nights. Now we can only see the salt. We decided that it looks like Kosher Salt.

Jan. 30th 2014- We received minerals. There 4 of them. This # 1. It has a smooth bottom. Look's like foggy glass. Smells awfull. Bumpy and is chipped.